Cabinet Repairs

It’s not easy finding a cabinet maker willing to repair one cabinet. If you aren’t replacing a whole kitchen, or redesigning an entertainment unit, they really aren’t interested in helping you out. I can see there side too. It’s not worth getting involved in such a small project. They would lose money by doing the job. I get calls for this a lot. It’s not the reason for the call, but the cabinets were damaged during the leak and now needs to be repaired to complete the job. Getting a new cabinet to match the existing stain and grain is next to impossible. Here is what I try to do.
First, I explain to the owner that I’m not a cabinet maker. No cabinet maker is willing to do this job.  Then I explain what I plan on doing. On this job, I salvaged the face and doors of the cabinet. I rebuilt the box using particle board. I used a circular saw, wood glue, and a nail gun. I let it dry and installed it the next day.
If you look real close and know what to look for, there are mistakes. To the average homeowner, it is a work of art.
I’ve included some before and after pictures just for fun.
Damaged Cabinet  Repaired Cabinet

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