Cameron Park Bathroom Rehab, Plumbing Leak

Here are some pictures of a bathroom rehab done in an apartment home here in Cameron Park, CA. The drain leak was found and the repairs made, before air drying the wall damage. This unit in a Cameron Park community was completed in three working days. Finding an experienced general contractor can make bathroom repairs and remodel projects go smoothly. Let us know if we can help you found a qualified contractor in your area.

These pictures were taken after the plumbing repairs were completed. The wall behind the vanity cabinet was opened to remove the moisture condition in the damaged drywall, and to allow plumbing repairs to the leaking pipe inside the wall.


Tromler Construction is a General Contractor specializing in property restoration and repair. Tromler Construction is based in the Placerville area. Projects can be found in Placerville, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Rescue, Diamond Springs, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, as well as the Sacramento area. Many projects have extended into the San Francisco Bay area as well. Contact us at anytime with any questions.


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