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Water Damage Due To Water Heater Leak

This is a video showing what is necessary in doing some of the water damage work that we do. Most people do not realize what all needs to be done in repair water damaged areas. The video breaks down the different stages of the process so that you can get a better idea what is involved.

The water heater had been leaking undetected for quite some time. The damage was worse then the insurance adjuster thought it to be. Tromler Construction contacted the insurance claim adjuster for the owner, and an additional check was sent to the owner. There was no out-of-pocket expenses to the owner for this project. We were able to do the work for less than the insurance claim. The different in price allowed the owner to pay for the water heater and deductible from money the owner saved by using us. We like that because the customer is satisfied with the results. They are likely to refer us to someone else in a similar situation.