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Gutter Repairs in Cameron Park

It’s not exactly the rainy season, but maybe this is a good time to check your gutters. Remember that leak last winter that you were going to get fixed when things got warmer? How about that rusty area on the gutter that have gotten soft? Click here for three good reasons to have your gutters repaired now.

Don't wait until winter! 

Lightweight concrete deck

Here are some pictures from the demolition and rebuilding of a patio deck, the lightweight concrete had become a hazard.

Original concrete decking  New wood framing members

Wood sheathing  Ready for the Hot Mop Contractor

The concrete had to be hand carried in 5 gallon buckets up to the second floor. Here are the pictures after the concrete had beed poured.

lightweight concrete  Final lightweight concrete

Work performed at an apartment community in Cameron Park, CA. References available upon request.