Cabinet Doors Repaired in Cameron Park

Cabinet doors take a lot of abuse in the apartment complexes that we have worked. After 20 years of use some are in need of some replacements. It is not always feasible to replace all of the doors, or cabinets, in an apartment unit. We were asked if we could replace a few of the worse doors in some of the units. The picture below what is now common in the units today.
Surface starting to peal off

Surface starting to peal off

The double sided melamine door surfaces are starting to peel away from the doors. The doors were very simple in design, the problem is in the time it takes to make a handful of doors. Can we replace just a few doors, matching the other doors in the same room, and still make it worth while to produce. Nobody else was willing to do it at a fair price, so we tried it ourselves. Below are the doors after being manufactured, edges primed and painted to match.
waiting for the finishing touches

Waiting for the finishing touches

After allowing to dry, we needed to add the Oak trim to the edge of the door. We salvaged the trim from the existing doors. Sanding and staining mage the doors look like new. Below are the finished doors ready for hanging.
Ready to hang

Ready to hang

The job was not a big money maker, it took a lot of time to do such a small number of doors. However, we feel confident that it can be done quicker the next time. There is another bonus to this project; whenever the apartment manager has a problem that no one is willing to do, they know that Tromler Construction is always willing to give it a shot. Customer Service is what drives business our way, we do it every chance we get. Maybe you have a project that is a little tricky – contact us.
Good Luck.

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