Fire Damage in Sacramento

Fire Smoke and Water Damage

Even a small apartment or home fire can be a major loss. Pictured here is a small apartment fire that was put out before any major structural damages occured. However, the smoke had gotten into everything in the unit. The smell of smoke was very strong, and the grey ashes covered every surface. Although not burnt, most of the belongings were damaged.

The fire was extinguished with an extinguisher, no water was used. Most fires are put out with an extreme amount of water, the damages from the water alone is extensive. Fire, smoke and water damage is not what most people want to think about until it happens. If you rent, strongly consider renter’s insurance.

Proper restoration can take some time to complete. It is important that the restoration be completed correctly by a experienced general contractor or appropriate professional. Tromler Construction may be helpful if you need the services of a qualified general contractor.


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