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General Contractor in Placerville, CA 95667

Not your common General Contractor, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for a General Contractor,  but want someone different from the rest. Check out this video.

Tromler Construction will not pressure you into doing a job. If the job doesn’t make good sense right now, I’ll be honest and tell you. Or if the job can be done cheaper by changing how we do something, you will be the first to know. Worried about up-front money, I don’t need it. Just looking for advise, I have all sorts of free opinions.

Give us a call. It won’t kill you and I may even be able to help you improve your property.  :>

Comment on the video if you get a chance. Feedback is always good.

Building Business By Helping Others Market Locally!

This past year has been very hard on a lot of businesses. The construction trades have hit new lows here in El Dorado County, I’ve heard that 18-22% of those in the construction trades are unemployed. I feel for these families.

 Tromler Construction has been very fortunate in keeping busy through these times. Why? Well we believe that we produce a quality product. We will not do a second-rate job, even if it means losing money on that job. Our reputation is one that I take pride in. Every customer that we have had is our calling card for more business. There are other reasons we have stayed busy.

I believe that good things happen to those who help others. Some call it Karma. I think of it as just helping others to succeed. It comes in a lot of different forms, at different times. I may see my neighbor struggling to get the garbage out and help him. It may be that my brother needs some shelves put up before the big party. Seems lately that it is more along the lines of helping local business better market themselves.

I not a professional marketer, I’m a general contractor. Building and repairing has been my occupation for 25+ years; started by working my way through college. My degree in accounting has never been put to use in my career. As a self-employed, small business owner, you have to learn a bunch of things to keep the jobs coming in. One of those things is marketing. Maybe I can help others by showing them how to market their business. Not for money, just to be helpful. Let me show you some of the things that I am talking about.

On Yelp (a review site for local businesses), I came across a local business that I am very familiar with and wrote a review. The business, Bell Roofing, didn’t get a phone call, text, e-mail or anything else from me telling them what a great deed that I did, I just did it with nothing expected in return. If  Tromler Construction does get a review from someone through Yelp, I would hope that it is because I deserve it – not because someone owes me one. I can’t tell you how many times I get the  ” I will link you if you link me” baloney. Link, comment, review, tweet, fan, (or anything else) because you want to.

 Here is another example. I have noticed a trend forward video marketing lately and was hoping to work on some of my own. While on a apartment job site for several weeks, I noticed that the trees were beginning to change colors and thought that this would be the perfect time to make a video for the apartment community. So I did. They loved it, I was impressed with my first attempt. It was used by the community in their online marketing, and even led to families moving in. WOW!

I learned a lot from making that video for them, things that I would not have been able to do without trying to help. There was no pressure to make the perfect video, they didn’t even know I was making one. There was no expectations of getting result from the video, the video is the only one they have. Although I am a general contractor, it is fun getting outside myself and doing something different. And boy was it satisfying.

If you search Google videos for “apartments for rent”  in this city, it ranks #1. The word got out at the property management company and others were asking that I do the same for them. I’ve since done three more. Then came the Karma thing, people were calling with work that needed to be done. Construction work. Dry rot, water damage, decks, siding, bathrooms, kitchens; none of it was the direct result of making videos. But I can’t help think that somehow I was being repaid. I one thing that I am sure of though.

I am extremely grateful for how things turn out when I do the right things for others.

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Tile roof repair completed

Tiles were quickly repaired ahead of the stormy weather.

Roof Repair in Placerville

The last storm caused a branch to break through the tile roofing at this home. Luckily, there are some original tiles for replacement. Gutters are not damaged.

Placerville General Contractor Builds a Video

Tromler Construction has been doing some work down in Sacramento, CA. Things like dry rot, moisture detection, and deck repairs. We do a lot of this type stuff for apartment communities throughout Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties.

While on a recent job, I noticed that the trees were turning colors. I thought this was beautiful and wanted to capture it on video. I added this to some other shots within that community and made this video. I’m not a video production guy, I’m a General Contractor, but I like doing fun jobs too. Like video production. Just wanted to share with you the end result.

Woodlake Close is a very nice apartment community and seems like a nice place to live. Let me know what you think about the video.

General Contractor in Cameron Park Has Mind in the Gutter

Local General ContractorGeneral contractors usually prefer building fancy things on a hill, or tearing things out, and updating an outdated look. A local contractor is focusing on getting the jobs that aren’t so traditional. One of those jobs are the cleaning of gutters and downspouts on houses and apartments.


Gutter cleaning is not a glamourous job. But right now is the prefect time to get those gutters cleaned out. The leaves are falling and settle in the gutters, waiting for clog the downspouts. This, of course, will create a wall of water to cascade over the edge come the first big rain. often times rain running over the top causes other water related problems. This may include: water into the window, under the door, and down the walls and into the building. But this can be avoided by clearing the gutters and downspouts before that first big rain.

Tromler Construction spends most of the year ripping out the old and installing the new. Actually, most of the work involves damaged property. Dry rot, fire damage, and water damage mostly. If this is something that you need help with give us a call. Let us show you how we can help.

Since a bunch of the dry rot and water damage that we see is caused by faulty gutters, we suggest that you have them cleaned soon.

Tromler Construction can be reached by phone at 916-765-5366 or

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