I Love Improvement – Adding Value to Property

It seems that the longer that I am a general contractor, the more I like to make improvements to property. Most projects fall into two catagories: things that are broken and need to be fixed, and things that are old and need to be improved.

If something is broken (leaking, sagging, sparking,etc.) a repair brings it back to original this has to be done. My experience is that people are grateful to have a problem solved. The mess has been cleaned up, its not getting worse, things are back to normal. This is not a real fun project for the owner. (My truck need a new fuel pump, it will run better but it’s still the same truck.) Then there’s improvements.

Your home is getting older and outdated, you want a new kitchen (or bathroom, floor, or entertainment center) to add value to your home. Now we’re talkin’. This is something you can see, something you can appreciate, maybe even a greater sense of ownership. These projects make you feel good! I like these because it does more than just maintain the property, it improves it. This project has added VALUE to your home. Personal satisfaction, increase in value – maybe you have a project on your mind.

Before you start, think about this. Some improvements have a higher return on your investment. For example, building a greenhouse in your backyard may not have the same return in value as an updated bathroom. Before getting started, consult with a real estate agent and / or a qualified contractor to get an idea of that return. They may be able to help stear you in the right decision.

Good Luck


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  1. Capricorn Woman · on

    ceramic floor tiles are the best, i used to have linoleum tiles but they do not last very long .””

    • tromler831 on

      Good point! Sometimes it is worth spending additional money and getting a higher quality, longer lasting floor.

      Thanks Capricorn Woman.

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