Tree Service Experts in Placerville – Tree Trimming, Topping, and Removal

The weather has been extreme lately, many trees were damaged or lost in recent storms. Tromler Construction recently had to do some major tree removal from an apartment community in the Cameron Park. At the apartment communitya large oak tree, estimated to be 80 or 90 years old, had fallen. It was a very large oak tree. No other property was harmed but the fallen oak tree needed to be cut up, chipped, hauled, and split. We could handle most of the work ourselves, but the size of the tree made it impossible to complete without an expert tree service.

The guys were knowledgable, and well equiped do handle this oak tree and get the job done for us at a very reasonable cost. Once everything was cut up, they even were equipped to split all the wood. As a general contractor, I can really appreciate this kind of workmanship by these hard-working gentlemen. They were well behaved, thorough, clean and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree trimming, and removal.

I put together a little video of them at work, keep them in mind for your next tree project – large or small.

Uncommon General Contractor in Placerville, CA


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  1. Tree Removal Atlanta GA on

    Nice Video. Removing large trees is a mammoth process and only experienced arborists who are completely insured to perform this task. We need to take all necessary precautions while removing trees so that nearby buildings, electric wire and other obstacles are not damaged.

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