How a General Contractor From Placerville Can Help You

Placerville General ContractorI recently had a conversation with a woman regarding some water damage that she didn’t know how to resolve. In talking to her, she had mentioned that she was afraid to call a general contractor. She pictured some smelly man with muddy shoes stumping through her home telling her she needed all kinds of work to be done and it was going to be expensive. She was in fear of the unknown. She called me because I was referred from a mutual friend. Her problem was not a big deal really. There was a slow leak that was easily fixed, the area cleaned up, the wall was patched, problem solved. Her fears are shared by a lot of people looking for help. How do you find a contractor?

I was referred by a friend that I had done work for, this is probably the most reliable source. Somebody who has already used a contractor has direct knowledge of how the contractor does business. There are real estate agents and brokers, insurance adjusters, and professionals who work with general contractors regularly; they can also be consulted.

Of course there is the internet, local search engines can be helpful. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may help you in finding someone you would be comfortable working with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions online or over the phone. Get a couple of people willing to come see what needs to be done.

Contractors who know this business realize that you are not a one time sale. If we do our job correctly you will want us to return in the future. You may write a good review or testimonial. Maybe you will refer us to the next homeowner in need of some help. By helping you with your needs, we may be helping ourselves. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Good luck with all your construction related projects.


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