The Most Important Tool For The General Contractor

Most Important Contractor ToolThis may come as a surprise to some people, but contractors do use the phone. Maybe not as often as he should but the phone is a very imortant tool for the successful general contractor. I have a Blackberry that I heard could do many things. I need a phone to make calls to customers and suppliers. However, the use of the phone has grown in importance, it actually means better use of my time and resourses in my business.

General contractors can benefit from the technology of the phone in many ways, here is one example. I can receive a text or E-mail from a customer to bid on a job. Somethings the job is far away, getting there is not always convenient and timely. I can text back and request that the customer send me a picture (as a text attachment or as an e-mail) and I can see the repair or problem right now. I have given many bids and proposals without even going to the job site. This saves me and the customer time and money.

Finding a qualified contractor is for your project is very important. If you can find one that can make use of the technology that is available, that’s even better. This is definitely a topic that I will be blogging about in the future. Feedback on how contractors and service companies can better use this technology would be greatly appreciated.


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