What we do

We are a remodeling and repair construction company that helps you solve your property problems. If you don’t like your kitchen the way it is today, we can change it to meet your needs. Bathroom looking outdated? Let us spruce it up. Broken pipe flood your house? We’ve remedied that sort of thing.

If you don’t know where to start, let us help. If you are in our geographic area, let us come see what you want to get done. If you are not in our area, contact us and maybe we can help you anyway.

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3 comments so far

  1. Lori Spaulding on

    Your need to video tape lately is a good thing. I am now stewing on how to incorporate this in to some of my advertising. This hyperlink thing is magic isn’t it?

    It’s like having a bag of candy to share,

    In new advertising adventures…

    Lori Spaulding/Community Director
    Cameron Oaks Apartment (P.S. Thanks For Noticing)

  2. Guillermo "G" DeCoteau on

    Mr. Tromler – I need to get quotes together for building a mezzanine above our reading/art area to increase our available space for programs. Please, contact me to schedule a time to meet here at the Club to get measurements and discuss options. I need the build to be completed by 6pm on Thursday, March 24th. Ideally, I would like prefab work to be done in our parking lot to minimize the impact on our daily schedule. Thank you! – G

    • tromler831 on

      Thanks for the comment G, what is the best way to contact you to set up a time to meet?

      Tom Arstingstall
      Tromler Construction

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