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Countertops – Estimated Cost For Corian Counters

I recently can across this site for estimating the cost of Corian Countertops. By getting an estimate of what the costs may be, perhaps I can save myself, and the owners, time by having an early estimate of the cost involved with the installation of this type of counters.

Du Pont, the maker of Corian, has a web site for the estimation of cost for their product.

Here is a link to that site:

Corian® Kitchen Countertop Installed Price Estimator


Cracked Drainage Pipe Repair In Placerville


As a General Contractor, I am called to look at all sorts of repairs and improvements to properties. Dry Rot and Water Damage Repair is my job of choice, not because it is glamorous and sexy, but rather because its messy and disgusting. High on the list of messy and disgusting repairs usually involves the drainage pipes. If one of these cracks, you have a situation. Anything that you wash, rinse, soak, flush, or dispose down a drain flows through the drain pipes. Obviously, you don’t want this kind of leak for very long. But why do pipes crack?

Drainage Pipes installed in the last several decades have been primarily ABS pipe. This black plastic pipe is used in most residential construction today.

Drainage pipes break or leak for a number of reason. Here are a few…

1.  Nail and screw holes. I’ve see several cases where people have used a long nail to hang a picture and the nail hit and punctured the drain pipe.

2. Pipes that have been hit with great force. Know anyone who drove to far into the garage and hit the wall? In many homes, that wall is the laundry room with drain pipes within the wall.

3. Poor installation. The pipes were not glued correctly when originally installed. Sometimes the pipes were never glued at all!

4. Drainage Pipes that are bent to fit. These plastic pipes have some flexiblity. Pipes that maintain constant pressure will eventually crack under the stress.

5. Manufacturers defects. There has been cases were manufacturers have produced defective pipes and or glue. If you have several areas on your property with breakage and cracking, you may want to check into this possibility.

These are just 5 examples of how drainage pipes can leak or crack. The important thing is to identify that you have a leak and get it corrected as soon as possible.

Sacramento, Cameron Park, Placerville

Removing Hardwood Flooring

Tearing things apart at the beginning of a project kind of clears the slate for the home improvement project that is about to start. I like this part. Ripping into walls, floors and demolishing the outdated stuff has it’s own satisfaction within itself. This is usually the case. Some projects are just not fun to start. We are starting such a project, glued down hardwood floors. The idea of chiveling out wood for days is tidious work. The plywood subfloor can lose chunks, making for an uneven surface.

But it has to be done to get the new flooring in. Like many home improvement projects, if you want the results, you have to put in the effort. Even the scraping of glued wood on wood is worth the effort. So I will take the steps necessary for the home project to progress, however begrudgingly. Hour by hour until it is completed.

In the end, I will look back and say “I’m glad we decided to do this” and probably not even remember how difficult it seems right now.

Good Luck in all your home improment projects.

Testimonial for a General Contractor in Sacramento, Ca

I recently had the previldge of attending a Vendor Trade Show here in Sacramento, Ca. The event was the 17th Annual FPI Management’s Managers Meeting and Vendor Trade Show located at The Hyatt in Sacramento, Ca. Included in the show were contractors, General Contractors, service companies, apartment rental publications, and others companies that provide services to the apartment rental community. Tromler Construction was fortunate to have a video camera at the show and did some recording that day.

The video of the show that we produced can be found on YouTube if you would like to see the Western Theme.

Having done work for many of the property managers at the show, we were lucky to get some great testimonials right there at the show. These mangers did not know they were going to be asked about Tromler Construction, what they said must have been how they truely feel about us. Lori Spaulding from Cameron Oaks Apartments in Cameron Park, Ca was one of those brave manager’s willing to go in front of the video camera. Check out what she had to say!

Speaking of Cameron Park, Ca…

We have also recorded some videos of two apartment communities in Cameron Park. The videos allow the viewer to see the apartment community before spending time driving around town. If you have an interest in moving to Cameron Park, or know someone who is interested, check these videos out.

Cameron Oaks Apartments and Cameron Ridge Apartments

The Most Important Tool For The General Contractor

Most Important Contractor ToolThis may come as a surprise to some people, but contractors do use the phone. Maybe not as often as he should but the phone is a very imortant tool for the successful general contractor. I have a Blackberry that I heard could do many things. I need a phone to make calls to customers and suppliers. However, the use of the phone has grown in importance, it actually means better use of my time and resourses in my business.

General contractors can benefit from the technology of the phone in many ways, here is one example. I can receive a text or E-mail from a customer to bid on a job. Somethings the job is far away, getting there is not always convenient and timely. I can text back and request that the customer send me a picture (as a text attachment or as an e-mail) and I can see the repair or problem right now. I have given many bids and proposals without even going to the job site. This saves me and the customer time and money.

Finding a qualified contractor is for your project is very important. If you can find one that can make use of the technology that is available, that’s even better. This is definitely a topic that I will be blogging about in the future. Feedback on how contractors and service companies can better use this technology would be greatly appreciated.

Concrete grinding, repair, and replacement – Placerville, Sacramento

Concrete is one of those things we take for granted, until it becomes a problem. The sidewalk in front of your house is just a clean dry area to walk until the tree roots push up the surface and becomes it becomes a “trip hazard”. Or maybe your beautiful backyard patio is the meeting area for family get-together, but it has a big spot from a spilt quart of furniture stain accident. What are your options?

As a general contractor, my experience is that many of these concrete problems can be solved. Many can be done by the homeowner themselves. Apartment communities can have their own maintenance staff complete many of the issues they face. Here is a list of options with the pros and cons.

Concrete Grinding – This is usually done by professional concrete grinders, they have special equipment that grinds the high areas to eliminate the “trip hazards”. This is often used when tree roots have started to push a section of sidewalk up higher than the adjoining section. If you have several areas where to is occurring, the cost is pretty inexpensive.

Concrete Repair – This can be done in a variety of ways. Small holes and depressions can be filled with a concrete filler or patch. These are usually for areas of approximately one foot square in area. Larger repairs would include whole sections of concrete. In a sidewalk, this usually includes an entire section of sidewalk – maybe 4 feet by 10 feet in size. Larger pads would have to be cut using a concrete cutting tool to remove the damaged area.

Concrete Replacement – This would be the most expensive option. The good news is that you will have a new concrete surface – new sidewalk, walkway, deck, patio or driveway. The best part of getting a replacement is that you can make changes. Change the color, the surface, the design, you can change the whole look of the area.

I would suggest using a licensed contractor in your area. Get several estimates. And listen to what the contractor has to say. The contractor has years of experience doing this type of work, let him share his experience with you.

Good luck with all your property improvements!

Who’s the Top Google Search Result for General Contractors in Placerville?

I got a call from a contractor in San Diego today, he said he was moving to Placerville, Ca and will be looking for work. The contractor said he had his General Contractors License, his own business, but since he would be moving to Placerville he was starting over again. He wanted to know if I had a need for his contracting services. I told him that I have been working regularly and have been blessed with a steady stream of new calls. We did some small talk but I was in the middle of a water damage repair. He offered to send me his resume, I will take a look at it soon. Then it struck me, so I asked him (this general contractor from Southern California). How did you get my name?

I don’t know why I didn’t ask earlier. How did this contractor from San Diego get my name and number in Placerville? So he says that he searched on Google for general contractors in Placerville, and my name was at the top of the list. Of course I had to verify myself on a computer later tonight. Sure enough there it was Tromler Construction, top of 21, 600 results. WOW!

The Uncommon Contractor

I am very grateful to be a working General Contractor here in Placerville, and look forward to new opportunities in the future.

Placerville General Contractor – Floor Tiles in San Jose

Improving the value of homes is the key to getting work in this market. If we can add value to a property, then it doesn’t matter what the market is doing. Home owners have an excellent market to get things done to improve their property.

I had the oportunity to get down to SanJose to do some much needed updating of a tiled entry area of a small single family home. The improvements can be enjoyed by the owners today, and to increase in value will be enjoyed later. To get an idea of the cost-to-value ratio (is the cost of improvement worth it?) for your project, contact your real estate agent or knowledgable contractor.

Here is a quick video from last week. Before and after shots of the entry area with new floor tiles.

General Contractor in Placerville, CA 95667

Not your common General Contractor, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for a General Contractor,  but want someone different from the rest. Check out this video.

Tromler Construction will not pressure you into doing a job. If the job doesn’t make good sense right now, I’ll be honest and tell you. Or if the job can be done cheaper by changing how we do something, you will be the first to know. Worried about up-front money, I don’t need it. Just looking for advise, I have all sorts of free opinions.

Give us a call. It won’t kill you and I may even be able to help you improve your property.  :>

Comment on the video if you get a chance. Feedback is always good.

Building Business By Helping Others Market Locally!

This past year has been very hard on a lot of businesses. The construction trades have hit new lows here in El Dorado County, I’ve heard that 18-22% of those in the construction trades are unemployed. I feel for these families.

 Tromler Construction has been very fortunate in keeping busy through these times. Why? Well we believe that we produce a quality product. We will not do a second-rate job, even if it means losing money on that job. Our reputation is one that I take pride in. Every customer that we have had is our calling card for more business. There are other reasons we have stayed busy.

I believe that good things happen to those who help others. Some call it Karma. I think of it as just helping others to succeed. It comes in a lot of different forms, at different times. I may see my neighbor struggling to get the garbage out and help him. It may be that my brother needs some shelves put up before the big party. Seems lately that it is more along the lines of helping local business better market themselves.

I not a professional marketer, I’m a general contractor. Building and repairing has been my occupation for 25+ years; started by working my way through college. My degree in accounting has never been put to use in my career. As a self-employed, small business owner, you have to learn a bunch of things to keep the jobs coming in. One of those things is marketing. Maybe I can help others by showing them how to market their business. Not for money, just to be helpful. Let me show you some of the things that I am talking about.

On Yelp (a review site for local businesses), I came across a local business that I am very familiar with and wrote a review. The business, Bell Roofing, didn’t get a phone call, text, e-mail or anything else from me telling them what a great deed that I did, I just did it with nothing expected in return. If  Tromler Construction does get a review from someone through Yelp, I would hope that it is because I deserve it – not because someone owes me one. I can’t tell you how many times I get the  ” I will link you if you link me” baloney. Link, comment, review, tweet, fan, (or anything else) because you want to.

 Here is another example. I have noticed a trend forward video marketing lately and was hoping to work on some of my own. While on a apartment job site for several weeks, I noticed that the trees were beginning to change colors and thought that this would be the perfect time to make a video for the apartment community. So I did. They loved it, I was impressed with my first attempt. It was used by the community in their online marketing, and even led to families moving in. WOW!

I learned a lot from making that video for them, things that I would not have been able to do without trying to help. There was no pressure to make the perfect video, they didn’t even know I was making one. There was no expectations of getting result from the video, the video is the only one they have. Although I am a general contractor, it is fun getting outside myself and doing something different. And boy was it satisfying.

If you search Google videos for “apartments for rent”  in this city, it ranks #1. The word got out at the property management company and others were asking that I do the same for them. I’ve since done three more. Then came the Karma thing, people were calling with work that needed to be done. Construction work. Dry rot, water damage, decks, siding, bathrooms, kitchens; none of it was the direct result of making videos. But I can’t help think that somehow I was being repaid. I one thing that I am sure of though.

I am extremely grateful for how things turn out when I do the right things for others.

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