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Detecting Water Damage Early – A Contractor’s View

Water damage, dry rot, mold, and fungus are not the type of words most people talk about on a regular basis. Contractors, those who repair water damage material, talk about it plenty! I have had countless conversations with owners and managers about the cause, how to detect water damage, early signs of rot, and removal of damaged materials. And yes, what is it going to cost to get rid of it.

Placerville, Cameron Park, Sacramento, general contractor

Nobody want to pay good money to do repairs on their home, but a good maintenance program will go a long way in saving you money in the long run. Often times the homeowner can do the work themselves, you’d be surprised how easy some of the things are to keep up on the property. What can I do to reduce the dry rot, fungus, and water damage type of problems? Glad you asked.

A good starting point to remember: Wood always loses to water and dirt. That’s why we paint, stain, treat, and clean our homes.  Let look at some examples. If you have a deck with planter boxes, make sure water and dirt aren’t building up around and under the boxes. That does not mean that if you spill some dirt and it rains, your deck boards will decay. Moist dirt sitting under the boxes over time will be a problem one day. Move the boxes occasionally, hose off the deck let things dry up for a little while. Pretty simple.

Keep an eye out for vegetation growing where it should not be growing. Grass or weeds growing out of the top of some trim boards in the back of the house is not normal. That probably means both water and dirt have gathered to germinate some seeds. This is not good. Clean it up with a brush, hose, and let it dry out. Sometimes you may see mushroom like growth on the wood siding, this is not normal, this would indicate a problem. Do not ignore the problem it will only get worse if nothing changes.

If these types of water and dirt issues are not addressed, the problem will grow into bigger problem and outside help may be necessary. Imagine what a deck post or some siding may look like if the irrigation sprinklers have been spraying on the wood for years, day after day. Or dirt has eroded down the side yard and onto the siding bottom. Sitting in the moist ground for a couple of years can cause the siding to decay.

This may sound a bit extreme, but we see it all the time. Sometimes it is a leaking window frame, or a clogged gutter spilling over the top, or paint pealing off on the sun side of the house. The beginning of water damage comes in all sorts of ways, but they do come. I believe that all homes have some sort of water damage – to some degree. Most homeowners just do not realize it yet. Checking for early signs, and potential problems is the answer.

If you discover that you do have a water damage, dry rot, fungus or some form decay that you have a concern with ask for help. Ask a friend or relative if they know something about your situation. If they can help that would be a good start. But do not be afraid to call someone who has done this before. A licensed contractor in your area will be more than willing to give you good advice. I’d call a couple of them. Talk to them get some knowledge about what is involved. If he’s there for a free estimate, do not burn up his day picking his brain. You may need his help with this situation, see if you are comfortable with what he has to say.

Tromler Construction is based in Placerville, but we work in surrounding areas like Cameron Park, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento and beyond. We are always willing to explain what has happened and what we would recommend that you do to resolve the problem – for free.

Early detection is important, and can save you a bunch of money in the long run.

How a General Contractor From Placerville Can Help You

Placerville General ContractorI recently had a conversation with a woman regarding some water damage that she didn’t know how to resolve. In talking to her, she had mentioned that she was afraid to call a general contractor. She pictured some smelly man with muddy shoes stumping through her home telling her she needed all kinds of work to be done and it was going to be expensive. She was in fear of the unknown. She called me because I was referred from a mutual friend. Her problem was not a big deal really. There was a slow leak that was easily fixed, the area cleaned up, the wall was patched, problem solved. Her fears are shared by a lot of people looking for help. How do you find a contractor?

I was referred by a friend that I had done work for, this is probably the most reliable source. Somebody who has already used a contractor has direct knowledge of how the contractor does business. There are real estate agents and brokers, insurance adjusters, and professionals who work with general contractors regularly; they can also be consulted.

Of course there is the internet, local search engines can be helpful. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may help you in finding someone you would be comfortable working with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions online or over the phone. Get a couple of people willing to come see what needs to be done.

Contractors who know this business realize that you are not a one time sale. If we do our job correctly you will want us to return in the future. You may write a good review or testimonial. Maybe you will refer us to the next homeowner in need of some help. By helping you with your needs, we may be helping ourselves. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Good luck with all your construction related projects.

Who’s the Top Google Search Result for General Contractors in Placerville?

I got a call from a contractor in San Diego today, he said he was moving to Placerville, Ca and will be looking for work. The contractor said he had his General Contractors License, his own business, but since he would be moving to Placerville he was starting over again. He wanted to know if I had a need for his contracting services. I told him that I have been working regularly and have been blessed with a steady stream of new calls. We did some small talk but I was in the middle of a water damage repair. He offered to send me his resume, I will take a look at it soon. Then it struck me, so I asked him (this general contractor from Southern California). How did you get my name?

I don’t know why I didn’t ask earlier. How did this contractor from San Diego get my name and number in Placerville? So he says that he searched on Google for general contractors in Placerville, and my name was at the top of the list. Of course I had to verify myself on a computer later tonight. Sure enough there it was Tromler Construction, top of 21, 600 results. WOW!

The Uncommon Contractor

I am very grateful to be a working General Contractor here in Placerville, and look forward to new opportunities in the future.

Tree Service Experts in Placerville – Tree Trimming, Topping, and Removal

The weather has been extreme lately, many trees were damaged or lost in recent storms. Tromler Construction recently had to do some major tree removal from an apartment community in the Cameron Park. At the apartment communitya large oak tree, estimated to be 80 or 90 years old, had fallen. It was a very large oak tree. No other property was harmed but the fallen oak tree needed to be cut up, chipped, hauled, and split. We could handle most of the work ourselves, but the size of the tree made it impossible to complete without an expert tree service.

The guys were knowledgable, and well equiped do handle this oak tree and get the job done for us at a very reasonable cost. Once everything was cut up, they even were equipped to split all the wood. As a general contractor, I can really appreciate this kind of workmanship by these hard-working gentlemen. They were well behaved, thorough, clean and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree trimming, and removal.

I put together a little video of them at work, keep them in mind for your next tree project – large or small.

Uncommon General Contractor in Placerville, CA

Doing More Than Expected! – The Contractor Survival Guide

How badly do you want to keep your customers today? Are you willing to do more than you are paid to do? You might want to consider this necessary for your survival.

When things get tight economically, there are less jobs available. Contractors no longer have the luxury of picking the cream of the crop, and passing on the less desirable projects. Jobs that we may have snubbed our noses at a few years ago suddenly seem worthwhile today. From a business standpoint, it made sense to do the projects that produced the most profits. It was wise to help out the investor who would follow-up with even more projects in the future. Today I have a new plan for business.

I feel very grateful for all the good future that has come my way from working for others in the past. I still get calls from these same people, even some new ones from time to time. The jobs are not like they were though. Most of these are tight budgeted, hard work, and sometimes just nasty. But they are jobs. My attitude today is this. I want to find a way to do more than I agreed to do. Finding something that I can add to make the job better, at no cost to the client. Why? Because my reputation is on the line.

Now is not a good time for a general contractor to cut corners, or hurry through to produce a product that is less than what I am capable. The clients that are still calling are facing some difficult times themselves, calling me may have been a desperate act! A shotty job is not going to instill confidence in the client sufficient to call me again in the future. It would be shortsighted to do anything less. What will I get out of this than?

Giving more than expected has a profound effect on the client. They may tell someone else, they may post a good review, maybe they have another project that they were planning on waiting to start but they now want you to do it today. Who knows what will come of it. If nothing else, maybe we can just sleep better at night knowing that we did a good deed for someone else. That, in itself, may be the greatest return.

Good Luck in all you do!

General Contractor in Placerville, CA 95667

Not your common General Contractor, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for a General Contractor,  but want someone different from the rest. Check out this video.

Tromler Construction will not pressure you into doing a job. If the job doesn’t make good sense right now, I’ll be honest and tell you. Or if the job can be done cheaper by changing how we do something, you will be the first to know. Worried about up-front money, I don’t need it. Just looking for advise, I have all sorts of free opinions.

Give us a call. It won’t kill you and I may even be able to help you improve your property.  :>

Comment on the video if you get a chance. Feedback is always good.

Building Business By Helping Others Market Locally!

This past year has been very hard on a lot of businesses. The construction trades have hit new lows here in El Dorado County, I’ve heard that 18-22% of those in the construction trades are unemployed. I feel for these families.

 Tromler Construction has been very fortunate in keeping busy through these times. Why? Well we believe that we produce a quality product. We will not do a second-rate job, even if it means losing money on that job. Our reputation is one that I take pride in. Every customer that we have had is our calling card for more business. There are other reasons we have stayed busy.

I believe that good things happen to those who help others. Some call it Karma. I think of it as just helping others to succeed. It comes in a lot of different forms, at different times. I may see my neighbor struggling to get the garbage out and help him. It may be that my brother needs some shelves put up before the big party. Seems lately that it is more along the lines of helping local business better market themselves.

I not a professional marketer, I’m a general contractor. Building and repairing has been my occupation for 25+ years; started by working my way through college. My degree in accounting has never been put to use in my career. As a self-employed, small business owner, you have to learn a bunch of things to keep the jobs coming in. One of those things is marketing. Maybe I can help others by showing them how to market their business. Not for money, just to be helpful. Let me show you some of the things that I am talking about.

On Yelp (a review site for local businesses), I came across a local business that I am very familiar with and wrote a review. The business, Bell Roofing, didn’t get a phone call, text, e-mail or anything else from me telling them what a great deed that I did, I just did it with nothing expected in return. If  Tromler Construction does get a review from someone through Yelp, I would hope that it is because I deserve it – not because someone owes me one. I can’t tell you how many times I get the  ” I will link you if you link me” baloney. Link, comment, review, tweet, fan, (or anything else) because you want to.

 Here is another example. I have noticed a trend forward video marketing lately and was hoping to work on some of my own. While on a apartment job site for several weeks, I noticed that the trees were beginning to change colors and thought that this would be the perfect time to make a video for the apartment community. So I did. They loved it, I was impressed with my first attempt. It was used by the community in their online marketing, and even led to families moving in. WOW!

I learned a lot from making that video for them, things that I would not have been able to do without trying to help. There was no pressure to make the perfect video, they didn’t even know I was making one. There was no expectations of getting result from the video, the video is the only one they have. Although I am a general contractor, it is fun getting outside myself and doing something different. And boy was it satisfying.

If you search Google videos for “apartments for rent”  in this city, it ranks #1. The word got out at the property management company and others were asking that I do the same for them. I’ve since done three more. Then came the Karma thing, people were calling with work that needed to be done. Construction work. Dry rot, water damage, decks, siding, bathrooms, kitchens; none of it was the direct result of making videos. But I can’t help think that somehow I was being repaid. I one thing that I am sure of though.

I am extremely grateful for how things turn out when I do the right things for others.

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Tile roof repair completed

Tiles were quickly repaired ahead of the stormy weather.

Roof Repair in Placerville

The last storm caused a branch to break through the tile roofing at this home. Luckily, there are some original tiles for replacement. Gutters are not damaged.

Placerville General Contractor Builds a Video

Tromler Construction has been doing some work down in Sacramento, CA. Things like dry rot, moisture detection, and deck repairs. We do a lot of this type stuff for apartment communities throughout Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties.

While on a recent job, I noticed that the trees were turning colors. I thought this was beautiful and wanted to capture it on video. I added this to some other shots within that community and made this video. I’m not a video production guy, I’m a General Contractor, but I like doing fun jobs too. Like video production. Just wanted to share with you the end result.

Woodlake Close is a very nice apartment community and seems like a nice place to live. Let me know what you think about the video.