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Water Intrusion Problems Must Be Repaired

I am constantly reminded of the need to repair water related problems to homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. The building itself is not the issue, water will do damage to property, any property, if not corrected. During these winter months and the rainy season, water intrusion can start to show in ways that can lead to escalating damage as time goes by.

General Contractor can catch problems early!

I recently was called to repair some drywall in a storage closet that had some discoloration. Opening the wall exposed a leak in the unit above. The leak was coming through the exterior concrete decking, the hot mopped tar had failed. It was raining at the time and I noticed that the gutters had a small hole and water was streaming onto the concrete deck. In examining the hole, I noticed that the gutter was full of water because the downspout was clogged.

All of these things need to be addressed by the owner. Whether they do or not is not up to me. The clogged downspout causes water to flow in the wrong places – like down the wall and inside the building. The small hole caused splashing water to hit the building, doors and trim. The failed hot mopped tar will allow water to leak inside that storage closet until it is fixed. The drywall will continue to get wet, produce mildew and mold, and will need to be replaced regularly.

Most water intrusion problems can be done at minimal cost if detected and addressed in the early stages – before the damages have grown. This requires owners and managers to regularly inspect the property. A qualified contractor can help point out the areas that need to be watched. There are qualified contractors in your area that would probably be willing to do this type of inspection for you at no cost to you. It certainly would not hurt to give them a call.


A Non-Smoking Apartment Community?

I don’t know of any apartment communities that are non-smoking, but apparently this may soon change. I read an article in Unit Magazine that was very interesting. I know what kind of damage that smoking can do to the smoker and those around them. That is documented and common sense to most of us.

The problem that the smoker brings to an apartment community is not as well understood. For example, the nicotine collects on the surfaces within the unit making it more difficult to restore when the tenant moves out. The odor can linger despite rigorous attempts at removing the smell. If you’ve stayed in a hotel which has that nasty aroma, you know what I’m talking about.

Interestingly, the article states that tenants would be willing to spend more for a smoke-free community. Apparently there is a demand for this kind of housing. Housing that is more comfortable, safer, with the rights of the non-smoker in mind.

The lawmakers have already begun making changes for this change. California is included in the list of states on this bandwagon. I don’t smoke but personally I would prefer to live in a smoke-free environment.

Here is a link to that article!

Water Testing For Leaks

Moisture was detected on the interior walls to this home, the damaged areas needed to be removed. The exterior had to be corrected to repel water properly. This is a video of us water testing for leaks in the wall. Failure to find and correct the problem would result in mold and mildew in the future.

Drywall in bathroom removed

this is how the bathroom walls and ceiling looked when we arrived.
This is how the bathroom walls and ceiling looked when we arrived.

Mold and Mildew in the bathroom. A very common problem in many homes. Poor circulation of air will add to the mold problem.

Here is an example of what can happen to an ordinary bathroom that does not have regular vent use, and circulation of air within the home. The tenants take a shower, run the fan while showering, turn it off when done. All that moisture in the warm air while showering lingers and is the breeding ground for mold and mildew.
The area can be cleaned up, but the condition will return without changing the air flow. Open some windows, make sure the vent fan is working correctly, and leave the bathroom door open. All of these things will increase the amount of fresh air, and reduce the problem in the future.

Moldy Drywall in Bathroom

Mold found in the bathroom of an apartment unit, bad air movement. Had to clean the area, drywall out, new installed. No leaks found, just poor maintenance by the tenant.

Water Damage Due To Water Heater Leak

This is a video showing what is necessary in doing some of the water damage work that we do. Most people do not realize what all needs to be done in repair water damaged areas. The video breaks down the different stages of the process so that you can get a better idea what is involved.

The water heater had been leaking undetected for quite some time. The damage was worse then the insurance adjuster thought it to be. Tromler Construction contacted the insurance claim adjuster for the owner, and an additional check was sent to the owner. There was no out-of-pocket expenses to the owner for this project. We were able to do the work for less than the insurance claim. The different in price allowed the owner to pay for the water heater and deductible from money the owner saved by using us. We like that because the customer is satisfied with the results. They are likely to refer us to someone else in a similar situation.