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Water Intrusion Problems Must Be Repaired

I am constantly reminded of the need to repair water related problems to homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. The building itself is not the issue, water will do damage to property, any property, if not corrected. During these winter months and the rainy season, water intrusion can start to show in ways that can lead to escalating damage as time goes by.

General Contractor can catch problems early!

I recently was called to repair some drywall in a storage closet that had some discoloration. Opening the wall exposed a leak in the unit above. The leak was coming through the exterior concrete decking, the hot mopped tar had failed. It was raining at the time and I noticed that the gutters had a small hole and water was streaming onto the concrete deck. In examining the hole, I noticed that the gutter was full of water because the downspout was clogged.

All of these things need to be addressed by the owner. Whether they do or not is not up to me. The clogged downspout causes water to flow in the wrong places – like down the wall and inside the building. The small hole caused splashing water to hit the building, doors and trim. The failed hot mopped tar will allow water to leak inside that storage closet until it is fixed. The drywall will continue to get wet, produce mildew and mold, and will need to be replaced regularly.

Most water intrusion problems can be done at minimal cost if detected and addressed in the early stages – before the damages have grown. This requires owners and managers to regularly inspect the property. A qualified contractor can help point out the areas that need to be watched. There are qualified contractors in your area that would probably be willing to do this type of inspection for you at no cost to you. It certainly would not hurt to give them a call.


Detecting Water Damage Early – A Contractor’s View

Water damage, dry rot, mold, and fungus are not the type of words most people talk about on a regular basis. Contractors, those who repair water damage material, talk about it plenty! I have had countless conversations with owners and managers about the cause, how to detect water damage, early signs of rot, and removal of damaged materials. And yes, what is it going to cost to get rid of it.

Placerville, Cameron Park, Sacramento, general contractor

Nobody want to pay good money to do repairs on their home, but a good maintenance program will go a long way in saving you money in the long run. Often times the homeowner can do the work themselves, you’d be surprised how easy some of the things are to keep up on the property. What can I do to reduce the dry rot, fungus, and water damage type of problems? Glad you asked.

A good starting point to remember: Wood always loses to water and dirt. That’s why we paint, stain, treat, and clean our homes.  Let look at some examples. If you have a deck with planter boxes, make sure water and dirt aren’t building up around and under the boxes. That does not mean that if you spill some dirt and it rains, your deck boards will decay. Moist dirt sitting under the boxes over time will be a problem one day. Move the boxes occasionally, hose off the deck let things dry up for a little while. Pretty simple.

Keep an eye out for vegetation growing where it should not be growing. Grass or weeds growing out of the top of some trim boards in the back of the house is not normal. That probably means both water and dirt have gathered to germinate some seeds. This is not good. Clean it up with a brush, hose, and let it dry out. Sometimes you may see mushroom like growth on the wood siding, this is not normal, this would indicate a problem. Do not ignore the problem it will only get worse if nothing changes.

If these types of water and dirt issues are not addressed, the problem will grow into bigger problem and outside help may be necessary. Imagine what a deck post or some siding may look like if the irrigation sprinklers have been spraying on the wood for years, day after day. Or dirt has eroded down the side yard and onto the siding bottom. Sitting in the moist ground for a couple of years can cause the siding to decay.

This may sound a bit extreme, but we see it all the time. Sometimes it is a leaking window frame, or a clogged gutter spilling over the top, or paint pealing off on the sun side of the house. The beginning of water damage comes in all sorts of ways, but they do come. I believe that all homes have some sort of water damage – to some degree. Most homeowners just do not realize it yet. Checking for early signs, and potential problems is the answer.

If you discover that you do have a water damage, dry rot, fungus or some form decay that you have a concern with ask for help. Ask a friend or relative if they know something about your situation. If they can help that would be a good start. But do not be afraid to call someone who has done this before. A licensed contractor in your area will be more than willing to give you good advice. I’d call a couple of them. Talk to them get some knowledge about what is involved. If he’s there for a free estimate, do not burn up his day picking his brain. You may need his help with this situation, see if you are comfortable with what he has to say.

Tromler Construction is based in Placerville, but we work in surrounding areas like Cameron Park, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento and beyond. We are always willing to explain what has happened and what we would recommend that you do to resolve the problem – for free.

Early detection is important, and can save you a bunch of money in the long run.

Doing More Than Expected! – The Contractor Survival Guide

How badly do you want to keep your customers today? Are you willing to do more than you are paid to do? You might want to consider this necessary for your survival.

When things get tight economically, there are less jobs available. Contractors no longer have the luxury of picking the cream of the crop, and passing on the less desirable projects. Jobs that we may have snubbed our noses at a few years ago suddenly seem worthwhile today. From a business standpoint, it made sense to do the projects that produced the most profits. It was wise to help out the investor who would follow-up with even more projects in the future. Today I have a new plan for business.

I feel very grateful for all the good future that has come my way from working for others in the past. I still get calls from these same people, even some new ones from time to time. The jobs are not like they were though. Most of these are tight budgeted, hard work, and sometimes just nasty. But they are jobs. My attitude today is this. I want to find a way to do more than I agreed to do. Finding something that I can add to make the job better, at no cost to the client. Why? Because my reputation is on the line.

Now is not a good time for a general contractor to cut corners, or hurry through to produce a product that is less than what I am capable. The clients that are still calling are facing some difficult times themselves, calling me may have been a desperate act! A shotty job is not going to instill confidence in the client sufficient to call me again in the future. It would be shortsighted to do anything less. What will I get out of this than?

Giving more than expected has a profound effect on the client. They may tell someone else, they may post a good review, maybe they have another project that they were planning on waiting to start but they now want you to do it today. Who knows what will come of it. If nothing else, maybe we can just sleep better at night knowing that we did a good deed for someone else. That, in itself, may be the greatest return.

Good Luck in all you do!

Water Testing For Leaks

Moisture was detected on the interior walls to this home, the damaged areas needed to be removed. The exterior had to be corrected to repel water properly. This is a video of us water testing for leaks in the wall. Failure to find and correct the problem would result in mold and mildew in the future.

Drywall in bathroom removed

this is how the bathroom walls and ceiling looked when we arrived.
This is how the bathroom walls and ceiling looked when we arrived.

Mold and Mildew in the bathroom. A very common problem in many homes. Poor circulation of air will add to the mold problem.

Here is an example of what can happen to an ordinary bathroom that does not have regular vent use, and circulation of air within the home. The tenants take a shower, run the fan while showering, turn it off when done. All that moisture in the warm air while showering lingers and is the breeding ground for mold and mildew.
The area can be cleaned up, but the condition will return without changing the air flow. Open some windows, make sure the vent fan is working correctly, and leave the bathroom door open. All of these things will increase the amount of fresh air, and reduce the problem in the future.

Moldy Drywall in Bathroom

Mold found in the bathroom of an apartment unit, bad air movement. Had to clean the area, drywall out, new installed. No leaks found, just poor maintenance by the tenant.

Placerville Contractor Repairs Dry Rot In Cameron Park

Tromler Construction was called to repair some areas that was damaged by dry rot. The damage was discovered in the lightweight concrete decking in a second story unit. The concrete was cracked and loose, the hot mopped tar cracked and no longer water tight. Once water starts getting below the waterproofing, its just a matter of time before water damage and dry rot destroys the structural wood. The damage can always be corrected be sure to get a couple of opinions before doing any repairs.
If you would like our opinion on your dry rot or water damage situation, we would be willing to help evaluate at no charge.


Lightweight concrete deck

Here are some pictures from the demolition and rebuilding of a patio deck, the lightweight concrete had become a hazard.

Original concrete decking  New wood framing members

Wood sheathing  Ready for the Hot Mop Contractor

The concrete had to be hand carried in 5 gallon buckets up to the second floor. Here are the pictures after the concrete had beed poured.

lightweight concrete  Final lightweight concrete

Work performed at an apartment community in Cameron Park, CA. References available upon request.

Cameron Park Bathroom Rehab, Plumbing Leak

Here are some pictures of a bathroom rehab done in an apartment home here in Cameron Park, CA. The drain leak was found and the repairs made, before air drying the wall damage. This unit in a Cameron Park community was completed in three working days. Finding an experienced general contractor can make bathroom repairs and remodel projects go smoothly. Let us know if we can help you found a qualified contractor in your area.

These pictures were taken after the plumbing repairs were completed. The wall behind the vanity cabinet was opened to remove the moisture condition in the damaged drywall, and to allow plumbing repairs to the leaking pipe inside the wall.


Tromler Construction is a General Contractor specializing in property restoration and repair. Tromler Construction is based in the Placerville area. Projects can be found in Placerville, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Rescue, Diamond Springs, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, as well as the Sacramento area. Many projects have extended into the San Francisco Bay area as well. Contact us at anytime with any questions.

Understanding Dry Rot and Wet Rot

I came across an article describing dry rot and wet rot, it describes the two for a better understanding. Thought you might like to read it. Written in the UK but wood is wood anywhere in the world.

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