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Sacramento Apartment Community Improvements By Placerville General Contractor



Siding repairs

We have been given the opportunity to do some property improvements at several Apartment communities in the Sacramento area this year. We specialize in water damage and dry rot problem, and that is exactly what we have been doing. It’s not exactly a glamorous job but it is what we have been doing as a general contractor for many years now.

Most of the calls that we get are out of necessity. Repairs are needed before painting, moisture intrusion problem, or safety concerns top the list of reasons why property owners and managers call Tromler Construction. But you don’t have to wait until things are a necessity. We have looked at several communities to find potential problem areas. If we can help determine what can be changed now to prevent future dry rot or water damage, we can help with that too.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with apartment community owners and property managers that can use our services. Maybe we can be helpful to someone you know.

Keep us in mind.

Enjoy this day!





Searching For General Contractors To Work At Apartment Communities

It’s hard sometimes to find the right general contractor for construction in an apartment community. The work is a little different working around a number of residents, hundreds of cars, multiple schedules; much different than working for a homeowner in a residential community. People are curious to see what is being done, they like to watch and ask questions.

There are many issues with working within the apartments. Safety is high on that list. It’s not unusual for people to walk up, cross barricades, signs, and caution tape just to see what you are doing. their intension is not to get hurt but they are in an unsafe work zone. Constant observation of the surrounding work space is necessary.

People are coming and going at all times of the day. Where you park, what is on the ground, and being available to move out of the way is another burden that the general contractor must face on a daily basis.

Also, scheduling with the office, notifying the residents in advance, planning the work crew to best serve the management of the community is vitally inportant. If it is not an emergency situation, the contractor can not just drop by and start a project.

The list can go on and on. Some general contractor are willing to do this sort of work. Working under pressure to complete in a timely fashion. Planning out the job to produce the least amount of disruption to the management and residents of the apartment complex. And be grateful for the work.

Testimonial for a General Contractor in Sacramento, Ca

I recently had the previldge of attending a Vendor Trade Show here in Sacramento, Ca. The event was the 17th Annual FPI Management’s Managers Meeting and Vendor Trade Show located at The Hyatt in Sacramento, Ca. Included in the show were contractors, General Contractors, service companies, apartment rental publications, and others companies that provide services to the apartment rental community. Tromler Construction was fortunate to have a video camera at the show and did some recording that day.

The video of the show that we produced can be found on YouTube if you would like to see the Western Theme.

Having done work for many of the property managers at the show, we were lucky to get some great testimonials right there at the show. These mangers did not know they were going to be asked about Tromler Construction, what they said must have been how they truely feel about us. Lori Spaulding from Cameron Oaks Apartments in Cameron Park, Ca was one of those brave manager’s willing to go in front of the video camera. Check out what she had to say!

Speaking of Cameron Park, Ca…

We have also recorded some videos of two apartment communities in Cameron Park. The videos allow the viewer to see the apartment community before spending time driving around town. If you have an interest in moving to Cameron Park, or know someone who is interested, check these videos out.

Cameron Oaks Apartments and Cameron Ridge Apartments

“Trust Me, I’m a Contractor”

One of the biggest hurdles that general contractors have to get past is the trust factor. Are we who we say we are? Will we do what we say we will do? Can we produce what we say we can produce? As a contractor we expect a total stranger to call us, schedule to meet, enter their home or business, tear something apart, then rebuild it to look awesome. That’s asking a lot from someone we just met or talked to on the phone.

That’s what it is all about in the service business – trust. 

Today the property owner has ways of getting to know the contractor before ever meeting them face-to-face.

Thanks to social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, the general contractor can be “checked out” long before ever meeting him. Before the internet boom, you had a square box in the yellow pages, or a flyer shoved into your door as a first impression to the contractor. 

Today we can look at companies and people in a different way. We can see the contractors work, comments they have posted, who they associate with – and maybe that trust can be increased a little by getting to know them better.  And there is more that we can do.

In searching for the right contractor that you can trust you probably want someone near you. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that we could finding someone that we could trust nearby. There are ways to look up general contractors in your area. Here are a few popular sites.

Google , Yahoo, and Bing all have local search directories. Yelp is another. These local searches may help pinpoint contractors near you to help get started on your quest for the trusted contractor. Are there any other ways to finding a service business? Many more. How about the most trusted source of finding a contractor ever – Word-Of-Mouth.

That’s right, people are most comfortable getting a referral based on what their friends and family have experienced. Someone they know has already tried using the contractor and was happy with the results. Don’t have friends and family that have used a general contractor?

Maybe the contractor has a list of past customers for you to contact. Don’t be afraid to make contact with the past customers, it may help you build that trust. And in this business, trust is very important to both you and the general contractor.

How a General Contractor From Placerville Can Help You

Placerville General ContractorI recently had a conversation with a woman regarding some water damage that she didn’t know how to resolve. In talking to her, she had mentioned that she was afraid to call a general contractor. She pictured some smelly man with muddy shoes stumping through her home telling her she needed all kinds of work to be done and it was going to be expensive. She was in fear of the unknown. She called me because I was referred from a mutual friend. Her problem was not a big deal really. There was a slow leak that was easily fixed, the area cleaned up, the wall was patched, problem solved. Her fears are shared by a lot of people looking for help. How do you find a contractor?

I was referred by a friend that I had done work for, this is probably the most reliable source. Somebody who has already used a contractor has direct knowledge of how the contractor does business. There are real estate agents and brokers, insurance adjusters, and professionals who work with general contractors regularly; they can also be consulted.

Of course there is the internet, local search engines can be helpful. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may help you in finding someone you would be comfortable working with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions online or over the phone. Get a couple of people willing to come see what needs to be done.

Contractors who know this business realize that you are not a one time sale. If we do our job correctly you will want us to return in the future. You may write a good review or testimonial. Maybe you will refer us to the next homeowner in need of some help. By helping you with your needs, we may be helping ourselves. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Good luck with all your construction related projects.

Who’s the Top Google Search Result for General Contractors in Placerville?

I got a call from a contractor in San Diego today, he said he was moving to Placerville, Ca and will be looking for work. The contractor said he had his General Contractors License, his own business, but since he would be moving to Placerville he was starting over again. He wanted to know if I had a need for his contracting services. I told him that I have been working regularly and have been blessed with a steady stream of new calls. We did some small talk but I was in the middle of a water damage repair. He offered to send me his resume, I will take a look at it soon. Then it struck me, so I asked him (this general contractor from Southern California). How did you get my name?

I don’t know why I didn’t ask earlier. How did this contractor from San Diego get my name and number in Placerville? So he says that he searched on Google for general contractors in Placerville, and my name was at the top of the list. Of course I had to verify myself on a computer later tonight. Sure enough there it was Tromler Construction, top of 21, 600 results. WOW!

The Uncommon Contractor

I am very grateful to be a working General Contractor here in Placerville, and look forward to new opportunities in the future.

Doing More Than Expected! – The Contractor Survival Guide

How badly do you want to keep your customers today? Are you willing to do more than you are paid to do? You might want to consider this necessary for your survival.

When things get tight economically, there are less jobs available. Contractors no longer have the luxury of picking the cream of the crop, and passing on the less desirable projects. Jobs that we may have snubbed our noses at a few years ago suddenly seem worthwhile today. From a business standpoint, it made sense to do the projects that produced the most profits. It was wise to help out the investor who would follow-up with even more projects in the future. Today I have a new plan for business.

I feel very grateful for all the good future that has come my way from working for others in the past. I still get calls from these same people, even some new ones from time to time. The jobs are not like they were though. Most of these are tight budgeted, hard work, and sometimes just nasty. But they are jobs. My attitude today is this. I want to find a way to do more than I agreed to do. Finding something that I can add to make the job better, at no cost to the client. Why? Because my reputation is on the line.

Now is not a good time for a general contractor to cut corners, or hurry through to produce a product that is less than what I am capable. The clients that are still calling are facing some difficult times themselves, calling me may have been a desperate act! A shotty job is not going to instill confidence in the client sufficient to call me again in the future. It would be shortsighted to do anything less. What will I get out of this than?

Giving more than expected has a profound effect on the client. They may tell someone else, they may post a good review, maybe they have another project that they were planning on waiting to start but they now want you to do it today. Who knows what will come of it. If nothing else, maybe we can just sleep better at night knowing that we did a good deed for someone else. That, in itself, may be the greatest return.

Good Luck in all you do!

Water Testing For Leaks

Moisture was detected on the interior walls to this home, the damaged areas needed to be removed. The exterior had to be corrected to repel water properly. This is a video of us water testing for leaks in the wall. Failure to find and correct the problem would result in mold and mildew in the future.

Placerville Contractor Repairs Dry Rot In Cameron Park

Tromler Construction was called to repair some areas that was damaged by dry rot. The damage was discovered in the lightweight concrete decking in a second story unit. The concrete was cracked and loose, the hot mopped tar cracked and no longer water tight. Once water starts getting below the waterproofing, its just a matter of time before water damage and dry rot destroys the structural wood. The damage can always be corrected be sure to get a couple of opinions before doing any repairs.
If you would like our opinion on your dry rot or water damage situation, we would be willing to help evaluate at no charge.


Gutter Repairs in Cameron Park

It’s not exactly the rainy season, but maybe this is a good time to check your gutters. Remember that leak last winter that you were going to get fixed when things got warmer? How about that rusty area on the gutter that have gotten soft? Click here for three good reasons to have your gutters repaired now.

Don't wait until winter!